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Mobile plant

RVAC offers a mobile plant service. The technological equipment of our mills allows not only to grind or crush the grain or other raw materials grown on your farm, but also to mix all the ingredients of the compound feed. During milling or crushing, we can insert customer-selected feed additives or feed materials, thus mixing personalized compound feed. We can produce up to 8 tons of feed per milling and crushing. We can also adjust the grinding fraction according to the customer’s wishes.

Our mobile plants is Buschhoff – time-and quality-tested German production. Buschhoff was founded in 1873 and has more than 140 years of experience and the trust of customers around the world. The Buschhoff mills we use can pick up grain from containers up to 40 meters away. The finished feed can be released into big bags, a trailer or flour room, as well as blown into feed storage towers. During production, it is possible to add glycerol or liquid molasses, which not only reduces dust, but also improves the taste of the feed.

We provide mobile plant service all around Lithuania!

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